Page Templates Change History Control

The plugin allow to track and control changes of pages templates in a space and Global page templates.

Two menus are present:

  • Space "Templates History" menu
  • "Global Templates History" menu

Space "Templates History" menu

The "Templates History" menu is available for space administrators and shows the list of the templates in the space with the ability to further see the details on templates changes.

After clicking View History, you navigate to the History menu, where you can see all the versions of the template with:

  • Version
  • Description
  • Modifier
  • Modifier Full Name
  • Labels
  • Modification date
  • Comment
  • Actions
space versions

In Actions column you can do the corresponding with the template version:

  • View the body of the version - preview the body of this version of template
  • Restore the version - restore the body of this version and create new version of template
  • Delete version - delete the version of the template and its data

"Global Templates History" menu

It is accessible for Confluence administrators and gives the same options as space Templates History menu.